SoFun 2018 Bordeaux, France

Campus @Aerocampus

Curch in Bordeaux

Thanks to Emily for organizing

Andrés lecture @SoFun'2

Andrés lecture @ SACS 2018


ScienceNight 2018 @NETZ


Our Hoods

Lava Lamp for Kids

Kinetic Sand

Liquid Nitrogen Experiment

Polymer Balls

Nylon Experiment

Dissolving Styrene

Experiments for Kids

CENIDE Celebration 2018 @NETZ

SANAA-Building from Outside

SANAA-Building from Inside

Zech Zollverein

SANNA-Building by Night

Andrés Talk about the Award

CENIDE Group Picture


GröschelLab Christmas Party 2018

Secret Santa.

Bowling with the group.

Tough player.

Mulled wine @Christmas market Essen

Diner in the evening.

Minigolf 2019

Ak Gröschel glowing.

Group picture.

Ruhrpott, ja sicha!


André sniping.

Macromolecular Colloquium 2019

Group Dinner @Martins Bräu.

Poster Presentations.

Before the Talk.

Conference Dinner with Peter Wich.

All togehter.

On the Way.