Giada Quintieri
NETZ Room 4.50
+49 203 / 379-8287
2017 | Ruhr University Bochum (Germany)
Chemistry, Master of Science “Salt Effects on the Solvation Behavior of Viologen-Based Hydrogels: An Electrochemical Investigation
2015 | Università della Calabria (Italy)
Chemistry, Bachelor of Science “Effect of the substituents on Zn(II)-phthalocyanines

2017 | Student Worker at Ruhr University Bochum
– Supervisor in Analytic F Praktikum

PhD TopicEmmy Noether Project

Highly defined polymer nanoparticles with accessible surface functionalities. Photocleavable ABC triblock terpolymers might allow the synthesis of controlled self-assembly of defined particle lattices with lattice constants in the range of 50 - 500 nm which is still challenging in the scientific community. This project seeks bringing together concepts of block copolymer synthesis, supramolecular self-assembly, and supracolloidal cluster formation to create open nanoparticle lattices with well-defined symmetry.


1) G. Quintieri, M. Saccone, M. Spengler, M. Giese, A.H. Gröschel*, Supramolecular Modification of ABC Triblock Terpolymers in Confinement Assembly, Nanomaterial, 2018, 8(12), 1029.
2) Tai-Lam Nghiem, Andrea Steinhaus, Ramzi Chakroun, Stefanie Tjaberings, Xiaolian Qiang, Chen Chen, Alexander Tjaberings, Giada Quintieri and André H. Gröschel, Self-Assembly of Soft Nanoparticles (Book Chapter), 2018.
DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-12-803581-8.10449-7

2018 | Soft Matter for Functional Materails School 2018 @Latresne, France

2019 | Macromolecular Colloquium | Freiburg, Germany
2018 | 2nd Materials Chain International Conference 2018 | Bochum, Germany
2018 | Macromolecular Colloquium | Freiburg, Germany
2018 | International Conference on Self-Assembly of Colloidal Systems 2018 | Bordeaux, France
2018 | Soft Matter for Functional Materails School 2018 | Latresne, France