First Publication This Year: Angewandte Chemie

We report on the formation of shape- and surface-anisotropic Janus nanocups (JNCs) by evaporation-induced confinement assembly (EICA) of ABC triblock terpolymers. During microphase separation in spherical confinement, the triblock terpolymer spontaneously adopted a hemispherical shape with an inner concentric lamella-lamella (ll) morphology. Cross-linking and disassembly of the microparticles resulted in well-defined JNCs with different chemistry on the inside and outside. By synthesizing polymers with increasing length of the cross-linkable block, we tuned the mechanical stability of the nanocups, which is relevant to control opening and closing of the cup cavity.
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Paper @Angewandte Chemie
Xiaolian holds a macroscopic UDE cup.


New PhD Student - Nicole Janoszka

We welcome Nicole Janoszka to our group who joined the group on 01.02.2019. She will do her PhD on the synthesis and characterization of block copolymer hexosomes and is also responsible for the dynamic light scattering setup.

New PhD Student @GröschelLab
Nicole Janoszka.